Professional Dust Containment and Clean Up for
Your Hardwood Floor Installation, Sand and Refinish,
or Remodeling Project.

What We Provide

Clean Sweep Dust Masters is proud to offer professional dust barrier installation to protect your home during a hardwood floor installation or renovation. We also offer a barrier system for remodeling projects.

Our friendly and professional technicians will partition off all construction areas or where wood floors will be installed or sanded. Plastic will be hung from ceiling to the floor in all openings, doorways, and stairwells. Doorways are created by installing zipper doors on the plastic barriers to provide easy access to other areas of your home.

We seal your kitchen cabinets, drawers, pantries, built-in shelving, bookcases, and other built-in fixtures. Plastic will be draped over computers, televisions, stereos, etc., although it is recommended that these items be removed for optimal protection. Cold air returns will be covered with electrostatic filter material to prevent the dust from entering the furnace and blowing throughout your home.

In open vaulted areas a false ceiling will be constructed to prevent dust from escaping up and throughout your home. Windows will be covered as well as any permanent coverings that cannot be taken down.

Based on the floor or construction company’s preference, Clean Sweep Dust Masters will return before the final coat is applied or the following day to remove the plastic and clean up any dust in the area. Cleaning includes vacuuming baseboards and dusting walls, light fixtures, countertops, and hardware in order to return your home to a normal, clean condition.

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